Rev Up Your Ride: An In-Depth Guide to Essential Electric Scooter Accessories

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Electric scooter accessories are shaping the new norm in transportation, enhancing usability, environmental friendliness, and the fun of riding. With the increased popularity of electric scooters, people of all ages are now customizing their rides for daily commuting to weekend adventures.

Just like with a car or bike, the right set of accessories can greatly enhance your electric scooter experience. From safety to storage to comfort, the range of available e -scooter accessories is vast. And each of these accessories can add something unique to your ride, making it safer, more comfortable, or simply more enjoyable.

Electric Scooter Accessories – Safety

Safety should always be your number one priority when you’re out and about on your electric scooter. And that’s where safety accessories come in. These are designed to keep you protected from potential hazards and make sure you’re visible to others on the road. They are crucial for every scooter enthusiast, regardless of how experienced you are or where you ride. Safety is paramount. Here is what some European communities are doing about scooter safety.


When it comes to safety accessories for electric scooter, the helmet sits firmly at the top of the list. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes and offer different levels of protection. Some cover just the top of your head, while others provide full-face coverage. Regardless of the style you prefer, always ensure your helmet fits properly and meets the necessary safety standards.

Reflective Gear

Another must-have in your e-scooter accessories is reflective gear. Be it reflective jackets, gloves, or stickers for your scooter, they all serve the same purpose – to make you more visible. Especially in low-light conditions or when riding at night, reflective gear is vital in ensuring other road users can see you clearly, helping to prevent potential accidents.

Lights & Mirrors

Let’s not forget about lights and mirrors. Front and rear lights are crucial to make sure you can see and be seen when you’re riding in the dark. They can be easily attached to your scooter and are often rechargeable. As for mirrors, they allow you to see what’s happening behind you without having to twist and turn, which can be especially helpful in busy city traffic. All in all, these electric scooter accessories go a long way in improving your safety on the road.

Electric Scooter Accessories – Storage

While zipping around town on your electric scooter is fun, you may often find yourself wishing for a place to stash your stuff. Be it a water bottle, a spare jacket, your grocery haul, or your phone, storage becomes essential. That’s where storage accessories for e scooters come into play.

Scooter Bags & Baskets

Scooter bags and baskets are perfect for carrying your personal belongings. They come in a variety of sizes and designs to cater to your specific needs. Some scooter bags are tailored to fit the handlebars or the deck of your scooter, while others are designed as backpacks that are comfortable to wear while you ride. For larger items or a bigger load, baskets can be a perfect solution. They usually attach to the front of the scooter and are ideal for those quick trips to the store.

Phone Mounts

Let’s be real, in today’s world, our phones are a necessity. And when riding, you may need it for navigation or simply want to keep an eye on important calls or messages. That’s why a phone mount is an indispensable electric scooter accessory. It holds your phone securely in place on the handlebar, allowing you to have a clear view of the screen without compromising on safety.

Comfort Accessories

Let’s face it, even the most enthusiastic electric scooter rider knows that comfort can sometimes take a hit, especially on longer rides. The good news is that there are various accessories for e-scooters designed to turn your ride into a super comfy experience. We’re talking seats, grips, and more – it’s all about ensuring you enjoy your journey from start to finish.

If you’re planning on being on your scooter for extended periods, a seat can be a game-changer. Several electric scooters come with optional seats or have the capability to add one. These seats are usually cushioned and adjustable, allowing you to find your perfect riding position. It’s like turning your scooter into a mini motorbike! Generally speaking, scooter seats are not universal. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, check the Accessories By Brand section below.

Electric Scooter Accessories By Brand

Choosing the right electric scooter accessories also involves knowing what’s available for your particular scooter brand. Each brand may have its own range of accessories that are specifically designed to fit their models. Here’s a quick look at what some popular brands have to offer.


Alright, so we’ve covered quite a bit of ground, haven’t we? From safety gear to storage solutions, comfort upgrades to brand-specific goodies, it’s clear that electric scooter accessories can make a big difference. They enhance your riding experience, ensure safety, provide convenience, and even add a touch of personal flair to your ride.

But remember, the best electric scooter accessories are the ones that meet your specific needs. Just like your scooter is a personal choice, so too are your accessories. They should match your riding style, preferences, and the kind of journeys you usually take. Whether you’re all about long rides and need extra comfort, or you’re a night rider who values high-visibility gear, there are accessories out there just for you.

As electric scooters continue to grow in popularity, we can expect even more exciting and innovative accessories in the future. From advancements in technology to more brand-specific accessories, the world of e-scooter accessories is only going to get more interesting. So here’s to safe, comfortable, and fun-filled rides – with just the right accessories, of course!

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