The New Element Bondi Reinvents the Classic E-Scooter

Step into the future of electric scooters with the Element Bondi. This innovative e-scooter aims to reinvent the classic design by prioritizing stability and safety. With its larger 20-inch wheels, wider handlebars, and symmetrical riding position, the Bondi provides a smooth and secure riding experience. Equipped with a powerful 500W hub motor and a 14-Ah battery pack, this scooter can reach a top speed of 22 mph and has a range of approximately 30 miles. Developed in collaboration with Ride + Glide, the Element Bondi offers a new level of comfort and confidence for riders. Discover the world of modern e-scooters with the Element Bondi.

The New Element Bondi Reinvents the Classic E-Scooter


The Element Bondi is a revolutionary electric scooter that aims to reinvent the traditional e-scooter by prioritizing safety and stability. With larger wheels, wider handlebars, dual disc brakes, and a symmetrical riding position, the Bondi offers enhanced control and maneuverability. Additionally, it boasts impressive technological advancements, including a more powerful motor, a 14-Ah battery pack for longer range, and a top speed of 22 miles per hour. Developed in collaboration with independent engineers and Ride + Glide, the Element Bondi is priced at £1,669 ($2,066 USD).

Design Features

One of the primary focuses of the Element Bondi’s design is improved stability. The scooter features larger 20-inch wheels, which are more than twice the size of traditional e-scooter wheels. This larger wheel size enhances stability and ensures a smoother ride, especially on uneven road surfaces. The wider handlebars of the Bondi also contribute to improved control, allowing riders to confidently navigate their route.

Another standout feature of the Bondi is its dual disc brakes. With one disc brake on each wheel, riders can expect smoother and more efficient stopping power. This feature is crucial for maintaining safety, especially when riding at higher speeds.

The symmetrical riding position of the Element Bondi is another design element that sets it apart. The wide floorboard allows riders to position their feet beside each other rather than in front of each other, offering increased stability and maneuverability. This design allows riders to easily place their feet on the ground whenever needed, further enhancing safety.

Technological Advancements

The Element Bondi introduces several technological advancements that enhance its overall performance. The scooter is equipped with a more powerful motor than what is typically found in traditional e-scooters. With a 500W nominal power output, the Bondi’s rear hub motor can reach a top speed of 22 miles per hour, delivering a thrilling and efficient ride.

In terms of range, the Bondi boasts a 14-Ah battery pack from Bak Power, providing riders with approximately 30 miles per charge. This extended range ensures that riders can confidently embark on longer journeys without worrying about running out of battery power. Charging the Bondi takes around seven hours, allowing riders to recharge overnight or during their downtime.

Collaboration and Pricing

The development of the Element Bondi involved collaboration with independent engineers to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. Additionally, the partnership with Ride + Glide, a U.K.-based electric mobility specialist and retailer, further reinforces the expertise and credibility behind the creation of the Bondi.

Currently, the Element Bondi is priced at £1,669 ($2,066 USD). This price point reflects the scooter’s premium features and advanced technology, making it a worthwhile investment for individuals seeking a safer and more enjoyable e-scooter riding experience.


Element Bondi

Comparison with Other E-Scooters

When comparing the Element Bondi to other e-scooters on the market, several advantages become evident. One of the most significant advantages is the focus on safety features. The Bondi’s larger wheels, wider handlebars, and dual disc brakes contribute to enhanced stability, control, and stopping power. These features make the Bondi a safer option, particularly for riders who prioritize their well-being.

In terms of performance capabilities, the Element Bondi outshines many other e-scooters. With its more powerful motor and top speed of 22 miles per hour, it offers an exhilarating and efficient ride. The 14-Ah battery pack also provides an impressive range of around 30 miles per charge, ensuring that riders can confidently explore their surroundings.

Furthermore, the Element Bondi introduces design innovations that set it apart from other e-scooters. The symmetrical riding position and wider floorboard promote stability and maneuverability, allowing riders to feel more in control of their scooter. These design elements make the Bondi a standout option for individuals seeking a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Reception and Reviews

The Element Bondi has garnered praise from both experts and users in the e-scooter community. Experts commend the scooter’s emphasis on safety and stability, recognizing the larger wheels, wider handlebars, and dual disc brakes as notable features that enhance rider confidence. Users also appreciate the Bondi’s performance capabilities, with many expressing satisfaction with the scooter’s speed, range, and overall quality.

As with any product, there are some cons to consider. Some users have raised concerns about the charging time, which takes around seven hours. While this may be longer than some competing models, the Bondi’s extended range compensates for the charging time. Additionally, the premium pricing of the Bondi may be a drawback for budget-conscious individuals, although the scooter’s advanced features and overall performance make it a worthwhile investment for those prioritizing safety and stability.

Future Implications

The Element Bondi’s innovative design and technological advancements have the potential to shape the e-scooter industry moving forward. Its emphasis on safety and stability sets a new standard for e-scooter manufacturers, who may begin to prioritize these features in their own models. The Bondi’s success could pave the way for further advancements and improvements in the e-scooter industry as a whole, ultimately leading to safer and more enjoyable riding experiences for users worldwide.


In conclusion, the Element Bondi is a game-changer in the world of e-scooters. With its focus on safety and stability, it reinvents the classic e-scooter and offers riders a thrilling and secure experience. The Bondi’s larger wheels, wider handlebars, dual disc brakes, and symmetrical riding position contribute to enhanced control, stability, and maneuverability. The technological advancements, including the more powerful motor, impressive range, and reasonable charging time, further solidify the Bondi as a top-tier e-scooter option. Priced at £1,669 ($2,066 USD), the Element Bondi may be a more significant investment, but it provides riders with unparalleled features and benefits. Overall, the Bondi sets a new standard for e-scooters and establishes itself as a leader in the industry.

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