2023 WHBPC Teams

Get all the updates on the 2023 WHBPC teams in France! Stay tuned for the final rosters and team names of the top teams in the hardcourt bike polo championship.

The Powerful Vulcan Bikes

Discover the powerful Vulcan bikes by Kawasaki. With exceptional performance and stylish design, these bikes offer a thrilling ride for motorcycle enthusiasts. From the Vulcan S to the Vulcan Voyager, there's a model for every rider. Experience the thrill of the open road with the powerful Vulcan bikes.

The New Element Bondi Reinvents the Classic E-Scooter

Discover the revolutionary Element Bondi e-scooter that reinvents tradition with its focus on stability and safety. With larger wheels, wider handlebars, and a powerful motor, this scooter offers a smooth and secure ride. Experience the future of e-scooters with the Element Bondi.