Evercross Electric Scooter Line: Superior Design & Performance

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Have you heard about the Evercross Electric Scooter family? They’re pretty cool! They’ve managed to stir things up in the world of electric scooters with their smart technology and awesome performance. Not to mention, their designs are sleek and attractive!

But what’s great about Evercross is that they’re not just for pros. Nope, anyone can ride them – from folks who are just getting started to those who’ve been scooting around for years. And the best part? These scooters offer a fun, easy, and green way to get around town.

Evercross really stands out because they’re not only focused on making great scooters, but they’re also working hard to keep them affordable and adaptable. It’s clear that their approach is making a big difference in the world of electric scooters.

Despite all the competition out there, Evercross has found its own unique spot in the market. Not bad, right?

Types of Evercross Electric Scooters

Evercross has a cool mix of electric scooters. You see, they’ve got something for everyone. If you’re someone who loves the feel of wind in your hair, you might like something like the Evercross H5. This scooter’s got an 800 Watt motor that can get you zipping around at up to 28 mph. That’s fast!

But what if you’re more into the balance of speed, range, and being able to take your scooter with you easily? They’ve got that covered too. Check out the EV08E, for instance. This scooter can fold up, making it super easy to carry around. Plus, it’s got a great battery life.

And no matter what model you go for, Evercross makes sure that safety isn’t left behind. Every scooter they make has cool safety features. Think dual braking systems and LED head lamp for safe night riding.

So, whether you’re scooting to work every day or just love going on weekend adventures, Evercross has got you covered. They’ve got powerful, long-lasting scooters for some, and compact, easy-to-carry ones for others. Evercross really does offer a full range of choices in the world of electric scooters.

Let’s Explore the Evercross Scooter Models

Evercross Electric Scooter – Model EV06C

The Evercross EV06C is a fun and safe ride designed especially for kids between 6 to 12 years. With adjustable speeds, a cool light system, and easy-to-use controls, it’s a great choice for young riders to have some outdoor fun while learning about balance and coordination.

Now let’s talk about a scooter that’s perfect for kids aged 6-12: the Evercross EV06C. What’s great about this ride is that it can be adjusted to fit your kiddo just right. The stem and handle height? Totally adjustable. Plus, it comes with three speed options: 3 MPH, 6 MPH, and 9.3 MPH. Pretty cool, right? And with a range of up to 5 miles, the fun won’t end too soon.

The thumb throttle has a neat LED display that shows you the speed, mode, and how much battery life is left. For safety – which we all know is super important – this scooter’s got an impressive high lumen head lamp and a pretty cool “Electronic Brake”.

But that’s not all. This scooter isn’t just fun to ride; it’s also easy to carry around. Weighing only 22 pounds, it can be folded up in a jiffy thanks to a handy 1-second foot actuated folding system. This makes it easy to store and carry around.

So, if you’re looking for a gift – maybe for a birthday, Children’s Day, or Christmas – this electric scooter could be just the ticket. It’s a sure way to make your kiddo one of the coolest in the neighborhood. Picture the look of pure joy on their face as they ride off into the sunset, feeling that awesome sense of freedom.

Model EV06C Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for Kids: Designed specifically for kids aged 6-12, it’s a safe and fun option for them to zip around.
  • Adjustable Heights: The stem and handle heights can be adjusted, so it can grow with your kid.
  • Speed Options: It offers three speed modesβ€”3 MPH, 6 MPH, and 9.3 MPH. That’s a plus for parents who want to keep their kid’s speed in check.
  • LED Display: Kids will love the real-time info on speed, mode, and battery level. It’s a cool feature that also helps them learn to manage their ride.
  • Lightweight and Portable: At just 22 pounds, it’s easy to carry and store, and the 1-second folding system makes it even more convenient


  • Limited Range: It only goes up to 5 miles on a single charge. This might be a bit limiting for some kids who want longer riding times.
  • Age Restrictions: It’s designed specifically for kids between 6-12, so it won’t suit older kids or adults.
  • Speed Limit: The top speed is only 9.3 MPH. For older kids or those who want a bit more speed, this might feel slow.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: It doesn’t have some of the features like app control or cruise control that some of the higher-end models have.

Evercross Electric Scooter Model EV08E

The Evercross EV08E is a sleek and cost-effective electric scooter that’s built to offer smooth and comfortable rides. With a strong motor, a responsive braking system, and a quick folding mechanism, it’s a reliable choice for daily commuting or casual city rides.

Now, let’s chat about the Evercross EV08E Electric Scooter. This isn’t just any scooter – it’s a smart and trendy way to get around, and it won’t break the bank.

First off, it looks pretty sleek with its black design. It’s got a beefed-up 350W motor and a big 36V 7.8Ah battery. With all this, it can reach a top speed of 15 mph. And guess what? You can even push that to 19 mph by tweaking some settings in the app. On a full charge, you can travel up to 20 miles. And hills? No problem! It can handle inclines of 10-15 degrees like a champ.

Evercross didn’t cut corners on safety or comfort with the EV08E. The scooter’s E-braking system is quick and responsive, making your rides smooth and secure. It’s also got upgraded shock absorbers at the front and rear, so you’ll have a comfy ride. And when you’re done riding, you can fold it up in a snap with the 1-second foot actuated folding system.

This scooter also lets you choose your speed. With options of 8 mph, 12 mph, and 15 mph, and a cruise control feature, you can adapt your ride to whatever situation you’re in and just enjoy the journey.

Model EV08E Pros & Cons


  • Powerful and Speedy: With a 350W motor, it can hit speeds of up to 15 mph, and even reach 19 mph if you adjust the limit in the app. That’s a cool feature for folks who enjoy a swift ride.
  • Decent Range: With a 36V 7.8Ah battery, it can go up to 20 miles on a single charge. That’s great for both commutes and fun rides around town.
  • Good Hill Climber: The scooter can tackle inclines of 10-15 degrees, which is a big plus if you live in a hilly area.
  • Safety Features: It has a quick and responsive E-braking system, and also features front and rear shock absorbers for a smoother ride.
  • Versatile Speed Settings: The three different speed options (8 mph, 12 mph, and 15 mph) give you control over how fast you go. This is great for adapting to different traffic and road situations.


  • Weight: The EV08E might be a bit heavy for some people to carry around, especially if you’re taking it on public transportation.
  • Limited Off-Road Capabilities: With its design, it’s better suited for city streets and paved roads, not off-road terrains.
  • No Seat: Unlike some models, the EV08E doesn’t come with a seat, which might be less comfortable for long rides.

Evercross EV08E Specifications

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Evercross Electric Scooter – Model EV10K Pro

The Evercross EV10K Pro electric scooter is a stylish and lightweight ride, packed with handy features like app control and advanced brake technology. Its powerful motor and quality battery offer zippy speeds and a good range, making it a cool choice for quick commutes or city cruising.

Let’s dive into the Evercross EV10K Pro Electric Scooter, shall we? This one’s made for grown-ups and boy, does it look sleek in black. Even though it’s lightweight, it doesn’t skimp on the cool features.

You can connect it to your phone with the “EVERCROSS PRO” app through Bluetooth. This lets you lock and unlock the scooter, control cruising, and even keep track of your speed and distance. Pretty neat, right?

When it comes to safety, this scooter really delivers. It’s got 10-inch solid tires that look like honeycombs and can grip the road like nobody’s business. The scooter also has double shock absorption, fancy brake tech, and turn signals.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a dashboard on your scooter? The EV10K Pro has an LED display for relaxed lighting. And you control it all with just one button. Easy peasy!

But that’s not all. The scooter is powered by a brushless motor that can get you going up to 19 MPH. It can also handle hills with inclines of 10-15 degrees. On a full charge, you can travel up to 22 miles, depending on how you ride. And it can carry up to 330 lbs.

Model EV10K pros Cons


  • Speed and Power: With a brushless motor reaching speeds of up to 19 MPH, the EV10K brings a bit of zip to your ride.
  • Solid Range: Its high-quality battery can take you up to 22 miles on a single charge, depending on conditions. Pretty handy for commutes or long joyrides.
  • High Weight Limit: The EV10K supports a maximum weight of 330 lbs. This is great for heavier riders or if you’re carrying a backpack or groceries.
  • Smart Connectivity: The Bluetooth-connected “EVERCROSS PRO” app lets you control cruise functions, and track speed and mileage on your phone.
  • Portability: It’s foldable and lightweight, which makes it easy to store or carry.


  • Lack of Seat: Unlike some models, the EV10K doesn’t come with a seat. For longer rides, this might be less comfortable.
  • Limited Off-Road Capabilities: Its design is more suitable for paved roads and city streets, rather than rough terrains.
  • Potential Speed Limitations: Although the top speed is 19 MPH, some users may find this to be not as fast compared to some high-performance scooters on the market.

Evercross EV10K Pro Specifications

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Evercross Electric Scooter Model EV10K MAX

The Evercross EV10K Max is a robust and convenient electric scooter that’s designed to handle both city streets and moderate slopes with ease. Combining solid performance with a high weight capacity and a foldable design, it’s a versatile option for riders looking for a thrilling, yet practical mode of transport.

Alright, let’s talk about the Evercross EV10K Max Electric Scooter. This isn’t your ordinary scooter. It’s made just for adults who want a fun and handy way to get around. Plus, it’s pretty stylish with its sleek black design.

Here’s the cool part. This scooter’s made from lightweight aluminum, but it can carry riders up to 330 pounds. Weighing only 45.6 pounds and having two strong rubber wheels, this foldable scooter is perfect for daily commuters. It’s easy to store and carry around, which is always a plus!

It’s got a strong 540W brushless motor and a 42V 15Ah battery. This means it can reach speeds of up to 19 MPH. Think about it: zipping through city streets has never been more fun! And with a maximum range of 25 miles, you won’t have to worry about the battery dying on you mid-journey.

This scooter isn’t just fast, though. It also lets you adjust your speed to match the road conditions, with three different speed modes. All in all, if you’re looking for a ride that’s thrilling, convenient, and versatile, the Evercross EV10K Max Electric Scooter might just be what you’re looking for.

Model EV10K MAX Pros & Cons


  • Strong and Speedy: The EV10K Max boasts a robust 540W motor that can reach a top speed of 19 MPH. Perfect for folks who need a quick way around town!
  • High Weight Capacity: It can support a maximum weight of 330 pounds, making it a great choice for larger riders or those carrying heavy gear.
  • Decent Range: With its 42V 15Ah battery, you can ride up to 25 miles, depending on conditions. That’s pretty good for longer commutes or fun rides.
  • Three Speed Modes: The scooter’s three speed modes give you the ability to adapt to different road and traffic conditions.
  • Portability: This model is lightweight and foldable, which makes it easy to store or take along with you on public transportation.


  • Limited Off-Road Abilities: Although the EV10K Max can handle city streets well, it might struggle with rough or off-road terrains.
  • No Seat: This model does not include a seat. That could be a bit uncomfortable if you’re planning long rides.
  • Charging Time: The charging time might be longer than some users would prefer, although this is fairly standard for electric scooters with this kind of range.

Evercross EV10K Max Specifications

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Evercross Electric Scooter Model EV10Z

The Evercross EV10Z electric scooter is an impressive ride with its robust motor, good battery life, and neat app control features. It’s built to easily take on slopes and offers a good range, making it an excellent choice for both daily commuting and weekend exploring.

Next up, let’s chat about the EV10Z electric scooter. It’s got a strong 500W brushless motor and a 36V 11.4Ah battery. That combo lets it hit speeds of up to 19mph and go as far as 22 miles on a single charge. Pretty neat, huh?

Whether you’re zooming through the city or going on a weekend joyride, this scooter has got you covered. It’s a breeze to ride, even on slopes with a 12-15Β° incline. Plus, it comes with a handy 2L bag, making it even more convenient.

But here’s what really sets the EV10Z apart: its app control. Once you download and connect to the “EVERCROSS PRO” app, it’s like having a personal assistant just for your scooter. You can lock your scooter, set cruise control, switch between speed modes, keep an eye on battery life, use zero start, track your ride data, and even control the built-in headlight. It’s all right there in the app!

All in all, the EV10Z electric scooter is not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about making the ride as fun and convenient as possible

Model EV10Z Pros & Cons


  • Powerful Performance: With a robust 500W motor, the EV10Z can reach speeds of 19mph. That’s pretty zippy for everyday commutes or quick rides around town.
  • Great Range: A single charge of its 36V 11.4Ah battery can take you up to 22 miles, depending on your ride conditions.
  • App-Enabled: The “EVERCROSS PRO” app lets you control various features, like locking the scooter, adjusting cruise control, and tracking your ride data. It’s like having a mini control panel in your pocket!
  • Convenient Storage: It even includes a 2L scooter bag, making it super convenient for carrying small items or your personal belongings.


  • No Seat: The EV10Z model does not include a seat, which might make longer rides a bit less comfortable.
  • Off-Road Limitations: While it’s great for city commuting, it might not perform as well on off-road terrains or steep inclines.
  • Basic Design: Some users might find the design a bit too simple, lacking some of the more advanced or flashy features found on other scooters.

Evercross EV10Z Specifications

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Evercross Electric Scooter – Model H5

The Evercross H5 electric scooter is a powerhouse ride, offering a top-notch performance with its powerful motor and long-range capacity. Besides its performance, it takes rider comfort and safety seriously, featuring a smooth braking system, shock absorbers, and a detachable seat for a customized ride.

This isn’t just any scooter. With a powerful 800 Watt motor, it can zoom up to 28MPH and travel around 25 miles. Pretty impressive, right? Just remember that things like hills, your weight, tire pressure, and even the wind can affect the actual speed and distance you can go.

This scooter isn’t afraid of hills, either. It glides up them easily, so you can enjoy a smooth ride. And if you want to switch things up, it’s got a detachable seat. This means you can stand or sit, whatever suits your mood!

Now, let’s talk about safety and comfort. The EVERCROSS H5 has a great braking system that responds quickly. It’s got shock absorbers at the front and back, so your ride will be comfy. And with that detachable seat, you can add even more comfort to your ride. It also has a wider foot anti slip pedal designed for bigger feet.

One more cool thing: you can fold this scooter in just one second with a foot-activated system. It becomes compact and portable, making it perfect for daily commutes. Plus, with three cruise speed controls, you can keep a steady speed and enjoy a more relaxed ride.

So, if you’re looking for a ride that’s powerful, comfy, and convenient, the EVERCROSS H5 electric scooter is worth considering.

Model H5 Pros & Cons


  • Powerful Ride: With an 800 Watt motor, the H5 packs quite a punch, reaching speeds up to 28MPH. That’s quick enough for any thrill-seekers out there!
  • Decent Range: A single charge can take you about 25 miles, depending on conditions. That should cover most daily commutes or leisurely rides.
  • Detachable Seat: You can ride standing up or sitting down, thanks to its detachable seat. That’s like having two scooters in one!
  • Solid Safety Features: The H5 features a reliable braking system and front and rear shock absorbers for a smoother and safer ride.
  • Easy to Store and Carry: The 1-second foot-actuated folding system makes it a breeze to fold up the scooter for storage or transport.


  • Heavier Weight: This model is a bit heavier than some other scooters, which could make it harder to carry around when not riding.
  • Limited Terrain Abilities: While it can conquer hills, it might struggle with rougher terrains.
  • No App Control: Unlike some other Evercross models, the H5 does not come with app control functionality.

Evercross H5 Specifications

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Evercross Electric Scooter – Model H7

The Evercross H7 electric scooter is designed to provide thrilling rides, thanks to its robust motor and high-capacity battery. Its app-enabled features add convenience, making it simple to control and monitor your scooter’s functions directly from your smartphone.

Let’s have a chat about the H7 electric scooter, shall we? This isn’t just your regular scooter. It’s got an 800 Watt motor and a 48V 15Ah battery. That means it can zip up to 28 MPH and travel as far as 28 miles. Sounds fun, right?

But the H7 isn’t just about speed and distance. It’s also pretty tough. With its powerful motor and 10-inch solid off-road tires, it can easily climb slopes that are 15-20 degrees steep. And when it comes to braking, the H7’s got you covered with its front and rear disc brakes, ensuring your ride is safe and under control.

What’s really cool is that you can connect your phone to the H7 via the “EVERCROSS PRO” app. With it, you can lock and unlock your scooter, set the cruise control, and even check your speed and distance. It’s like having a personal assistant just for your scooter!

So, if you’re after a scooter that’s fast, durable, and smart, the H7 could be a great choice.

Model H7 Pros & Cons


  • Powerful Performance: With an 800 Watt motor and a 48V 15Ah battery, the H7 offers a top speed of 28 MPH. Talk about a fast ride!
  • Good Range: It can go up to 28 miles on a single charge. That’s pretty great for long trips or a full day of zipping around town.
  • Handles Hills: This scooter can easily tackle slopes of 15-20 degrees. No hill is too steep for the H7!
  • App-Enabled: The “EVERCROSS PRO” app gives you control over several functions, like unlocking the scooter, controlling cruise function, and keeping track of your speed and mileage.


  • Heavy: The H7, like some of its siblings, is a bit on the heavier side. This could make it less portable.
  • Requires Smartphone for Full Functionality: To access all of the scooter’s features, you’ll need to have a smartphone and download the app.

Evercross H7 Specifications

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Evercross Model Comparison Table

ModelMotor PowerBatteryMax SpeedMax RangeMax LoadWeightAge Range
EV10K Max540W42V 15Ah19 MPH25 miles330 lbs45.6 lbsAdult
EV08S350W36V 6Ah15 MPH12-15 miles220 lbs27.6 lbsAdult
EV10K Pro500W36V 11.4Ah19 MPH22 miles330 lbs35.3 lbsAdult
H7800W48V 15Ah28 MPH28 miles265 lbs330 lbsAdult
EV06CN/AN/A9.3 MPH5 miles132 lbs22 lbsKid
H5800WN/A28 MPH25 miles330 lbs44 lbsAdult
EV10Z500W36V 11.4Ah19 MPH22 miles220 lbs35.5 lbsAdult, Teen
EV08E350W36V 7.8Ah15 MPH20 miles265 lbsN/ATeen


EverCross Scooters are more than just a means of transportation; they’re a gateway to a future of efficient, eco-friendly, and exciting personal mobility. With their range of models, impressive features, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, EverCross is undoubtedly a brand worth considering for your electric scooter needs.

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